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Gutterman Cotton Thread, Scanfil Thread, Zippers, Ribbons,

Lace, Elastics and Buttons

Scanfil Thread $4.95 ea.

Gutterman Cotton Thread

500m $8.95 ea. 250m $7.75 ea.

Sullivans Nylon Zippers and Dress Zippers.

Various sizes and prices.

Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles and Hemline Products

Cameo Satin Ribbons

Various Colours, Sizes and Prices.

Quilting Accessories. Rulers, Rotary Cutters and Blades. Markers and Clips

Aero Knitting Needles, Pony Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles, Clover Crochet Hooks.

Addi Circular Knitting Needles. Needle Measures and Fabric Dye.

DMC Embroidery Thread $1.50 ea.

DMC Embroidery Thread $1.50 ea.

Rayon Madeira Machine Embroidery Thread 200m

$6.95 ea.


Sew Easy Round Loom. 4 sizes.


Sew Easy Pom Pom Makers. 4 sizes.


Jelly Roll Bascs. Felt Strips 45 cms. x 10 cms. $3.95 Ea.

Raffia Twine. $2.00 ea.

This image shows some of the great fabrics available here.

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