Remembrance and Specialty

Melvale Design Studios

Remembering The Anzacs

Remembrance Day Panel 7117O

90cms x 110cms $26 Per Panel

WW1 Panel 7117Q

90cms x 110cms $34 Per Panel

Anzac We Will Remember Them Panel

60cms x 110cms $18 Per Panel

Poppies on Black Allover B7117

$33 Per Mtr.

Poppies on Green Allover D7117

$32 Per Mtr.

WW1 Medals 1717P

$23 Per Mtr.

Remembering the Animals of War

Remembering The Animals of War Panel 7117AA

90cms x 110cms $30 Per Panel

Purple Poppy Field Black AE 7117

$33 Per Mtr.

Purple Poppies with Green B/G. $29 Per Mtr.

 A Tribute to Those that Served Collage AD7117

$32 Per Mtr.

Women’s Wartime Service

Women’s Wartime Service Panel

90cms x 110cms $25 Per Panel

Rising Sun Badge W7/7117

$32 Per Mtr.

Remembering Vietnam

Remembering Vietnam Panel V17117

90cms x 110cms $30 Per Panel

 Camouflage Green 7117U

$29 Per Mtr

Vietnam Helicopter

$30 Per Mtr.

Forces at War Stripe M7117

$33 Per Mtr.


Honoring the Light Horse Brigade


$32 Per Mtr.

Slouch Hats and Boots

$32 Per Mtr.

Poppies Black LO5 7117

$32 Per Mtr.

Wild Poppy Fleur

$29 Per Mtr.

Panel 110cms x 95cms.

$22Per Panel.

Navy Australia

110 cms x 60 cms. $18 Per Panel

Navy Ships.

$29 Per Mtr.


Jane Austen at Home

Jane Austen at Home Quilt Diamond Panel by Riley Blake Designs.

90 cms. x 110 cms.

$27 per panel.